Top 10-Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Business

Today, use of social media is the most popular techniques for promoting products and services online.

It has gained acceptance among small business, and they are taking it as an essential marketing strategy for their companies. Below are top 10-social media-marketing tips for small business.

Social Media for Business

Social Media for Business

Top 10-social media-marketing tips for small business

1. Have a strategy It may sound so understandable, but most people open a Twitter account or start sharing things on a Facebook page without thinking how the information can help their business. Success in social media marketing needs time and money. Nothing can put-off a visitor than an old post or low-quality content. Also, going blank for too long can cost you likes or followers. It is therefore wise to identify a rhythm that will work well for you and your visitors.

2. Know your target audience It is crucial to define your audience to be able to pick a matching social media platform. If you want to target teenagers, SnapChat may be the right channel, but if want to market new dresses and fashion, Pinterest will work better. Keep your account simple and customer-friendly by starting with one platform, and add others later as gain some skills.

3. Offer quality content The three elements of a healthy social media strategy are content, content, and content. Being a small business owner, you are an expert in your field. Hence, do not be afraid to share fresh, quality content regularly. You are also free to re-post or to share other people’s content on social media. However, it is wise to be original.

4. Do not be concerned about perfection Start by learning and listening from other people. Humility is one thing displayed on social media, and do not be worried that you are a newbie.

5. Plan your time well Every marketing strategy needs to a time-limit. Most people get preoccupied on social media. Always sign in and sign out the social media account according to your plans.

6. Be a bit unique It is vital to use your voice on social media as it will help to market your company brand. Most visitors value and appreciate something unique.

7. Turn-off notifications Social media has numerous interruptions that can decrease your general productivity. So, when you are not working on your business Facebook page, turn-off notifications.

8. Plan when to post new contents It is essential to schedule when to publish original materials. The best time will be every week if you are a newbie.

9. Set an expected return Every marketing strategy has an expected return. What does your small business hope to achieve from social media marketing?

10. Remember mobile phone users Today, most Facebook users and Tweets are from tablets and smartphones. It means most visitors will be opening their accounts on mobiles. It is therefore wise to design your sites to fit their devices.

Bottom-line Social media will improve traffic to your business site, boost your online effectiveness and influence your SEO.

However, it is good to know that social media marketing is not a stand-alone strategy. You must integrate it with other digital strategies.

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