7 Print Marketing Campaign Ideas to Promote Your Small Business

If you are operating a small business enterprise, every marketing campaign idea you opt to use should stand out. However, in most cases, budget constraint becomes a great concern. In simple terms, this means that you do not expect to have the ability to compete with big and established corporations with a lot of money to spend in their advertising and marketing pockets. But you can turn to print marketing ideas to roll out your advertising campaigns in a great way.

Your print marketing campaign ideas should be executed on a grand scale. A few printed materials will be enough to get the word around about the promo or business you are trying to announce. Here are 7 print marketing campaign ideas to promote your small business.


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1. Banners

Banners are very effective when you want to announce to the world in a big way about your business. More so, banners are the most appropriate print marketing tools for that. You can choose to place one in front of your store or maybe at any other strategic location. You can place them anywhere your customers would be passing and notice it.

2. Brochures

You can print a bunch of brochures and give them to customers or any other person who comes by for that matter. Make sure you design them uniquely and beautifully because they usually change hands when they are done excellently.

3. Posters

Note that there is no business that should be without posters. The traditional print promotional advertising calls for this collateral. You can design an attention-catching poster, and put it at the place the customer you are targeting frequent. A poster when placed at a strategic point will keep on announcing marketing message for a long period of time as long as it is there.

4. Flyers

If your customers aren’t coming to you, go to them. You can print flyers indicating the message you want to pass to your customers, then give them to one or two employees to stand with them outside handing out to passersby. Again the location you choose is important. Go to the mall. Go to the train or bus station. Anywhere your customer are, you should also be there giving them flyers.

5. Displays

Create and place printed display materials prominently in your office or shop. This goes without saying that your shop is the right place to promote your business. Having a standee at the entrance of your shop is a great way to tell your customers about your presence.

6. Stationery

When printing your office stationery ensure they are ordinary and dull. Design a logo, contact details and address printed on each of the stationery pieces. You will never know where that piece will end up.

7. Keytags and Keyrings

People always carry their keys with them and they need something to keep them intact and safe. Keytags and keyrings are among the perennial novelty items and company gifts that you should take advantage of. They are easy and cheap items to give to customers. Also, they help in differentiating and endorsing a brand strongly.

To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth to mention that solving small business marketing issues needs a fresh look at your business. You must understand the point where your business is at the moment and where you have come from to determine if you are going in the right direction. More so, this will help you when determining the best print marketing campaign ideas to opt for.

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